harold rawlings
  • Dr. Alex McFarland
    “Thank you very much for giving your lecture ‘Trial By Fire’ at the National Conference of Christian Apologetics in Charlotte. Your message at the conference was very well received. There were approximately 4,200 people in attendance. I look forward to working with you again soon." —Dr. Alex McFarland, President, Southern Evangelical Seminary, Charlotte, NC
  • Dr. Norman Geisler
    “TRIAL BY FIRE is the most informative, inspiring, and challenging account of the origin of our English Bible I have ever seen.  Every Christian needs to experience this incredible presentation.”—Dr. Norman Geisler, author, lecturer, Christian apologist
  • Steve Dighton, Pastor
    “The ‘Trial By Fire’ presentation was superb and kept our congregation on the edge of their seats as you told of the trials and martyrdoms of the courageous men who labored to give us the Scriptures in our language."—Steve Dighton, Pastor, Lenexa Baptist Church, Shawnee Mission, KS.
  • Dr. James Flanagan
    “Your ‘Trial By Fire’ presentation was a great blessing to our students.”—Dr. James Flanagan, President, Luther Rice University, Lithonia, GA.
  • Jerry Adamson, Pastor
    “Your lecture on ‘Trial By Fire’ should be required listening for every seminary student, and no preacher should ever by ordained without hearing the truths you presented.  Words cannot express how grateful I am for your message to our church.”  —Jerry Adamson, Pastor, Indian Heights Baptist Church, Kokomo, IN.
  • Mike Vanters, Pastor
    “We so much enjoyed your emphasis on How We Got Our English Bible. Most of our folks had never heard some of the information you shared.”—Mike Vanters, Pastor, Cornerstone Baptist Church, Lafayette, IN.
  • Dan Currie, Pastor
    “I really enjoyed your lecture, ‘Trial By Fire.’ This was new to most of our people and will certainly impact them to treasure the Word and to appreciate the sacrifice of those who gave their lives for the translation of the Scriptures into English.”—Dan Currie, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Hastings, MI
  • Grover C. Loughmiller, Ph.D
    “Thank you for being willing to contribute your time and money to make your ‘Trial By Fire’ presentation and the displayed materials available to our church members. I can assure you that your presentation was very positively received by everyone.”—Grover C. Loughmiller, Ph.D., Tyler, TX.
  • Bob Baier, Pastor
    Thank you for presenting your lecture, ‘Trial By Fire’ to our Antioch congregation. I appreciate you and your faithfulness in ministry over the years.—Bob Baier, Pastor, Antioch Bible Baptist Church, Gladstone, MO.
  • Sandra Talley
    Thank you for presenting your lecture, ‘Trial By Fire,’ in our chapel service. I hope you enjoyed your time here as much as we enjoyed hearing the presentation—Sandra Talley, Assistant to the President, Tennessee Temple University, Chattanooga, TN.
  • David Ingrassia
    Thank you so much for ministering to us and for sharing your passion for our Lord and His Word. What a blessing!—David Ingrassia, Spiritual Development, Grace Church, Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Bo Moore, Pastor
    Just a brief note to let you know how much I enjoyed hearing your presentation in Orlando last week on the way in which God has preserved his Word.—Bo Moore, Pastor, Heritage Baptist Church, Grand Rapids, MI.
  • Blake Hudson
    Thank you for coming to Patrick Henry College and presenting ‘Trial By Fire.’ It was inspiring to see your collection of Bibles and hear the stories of the sacrifices made in order for the Bible to be printed in the English language.—Blake Hudson, Vice President, Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, VA.
  • B. C. McCoy, Assistant Pastor
    Thank you for your excellent presentation of the history of the English Bible.  The people were both informed and inspired.—B. C. McCoy, Assistant Pastor, First Baptist Church, Tyler, TX
  • Buddy Lamb, Pastor
    Thank you for coming and ministering at Schomburg Road Baptist Church. Your presentation of the history of the English Bible was clear and meaningful. We were all so fascinated with the collection of historical Bibles you have. I am grateful to you and the Rawlings Foundation for bringing such a priceless collection to our church.—Buddy Lamb, Pastor, Schomburg Road Baptist Church, Columbus, GA.
  • Vernon C. Lyons, Pastor
    It was a marvelous and fascinating presentation. You were truly appreciated by our people—Vernon C. Lyons, Pastor, Ashburn Baptist Church, Orland Park, IL.
  • Jerry Hopkins, Pastor
    We appreciate you giving us an entire weekend to present your program on the history of the English Bible. It was an inspirational and insightful experience for all who attended.—Jerry Hopkins, Pastor, Clever Creek Baptist Church, Center, TX.
  • Michael L. Grooms, Pastor
    Our church family truly enjoyed seeing your collection of treasured Bibles and hearing the history of how God orchestrated their writing and preservation.—Michael L. Grooms, Pastor, Rainbow Forest Baptist Church, Troutville, VA
  • Bob Hartman, Pastor
    We are so grateful for your coming to FBCS! So many people have already expressed to me how much your presentation meant to them (even the youth!).—Bob Hartman, Pastor, First Baptist Church Shawnee, Shawnee, KS
  • Sheila Wharram
    What a blessing it was to hear your presentation at the Highland Park Baptist Church Faith Builders Group. Thank you for coming and sharing such a wealth of information about God’s Word—Sheila Wharram, Adm. Assistant, International Board of Jewish Missions, Inc.
  • David Alan Dills, Pastor
    We were blessed, inspired and challenged as you shared some of the history surrounding the translation process of our English Bible.—David Alan Dills, Pastor, Center Hill Baptist Church,Loganville, GA.
  • M. Lewis, Ministry Assistant
    Thank you for sharing your Trial By Fire presentation with us at First Baptist Snellville. It was an honor to have you speak with us and share your knowledge of the struggles and triumphs of having the Bible translated into English.—M. Lewis Ministry Assistant, Education and Young Families